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"John prevents you wasting money on resources that will not help learning  and helps you focus on the tools

& activities that make a difference"

( Doha, December 2010)

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Challenges that get you making and learning outside your comfort zone. The aim is to nudge you deeper in your understanding by having to explain something in a new way – brain numbing challenges for groups – because we have this theory that in the setting of activities we expect much too much from individuals and way too little from groups. The design of learning activities is often an afterthought - we need to turn it into art form – in the classroom – or the boardroom.The first iteration of the Learning Event Generator is curated here along with long hyperlinked wordlists for the component challenges.   Editable versions are also available from us.

John talks learning score

Hello welcome to our  blog from John Davitt that pulls together all that we do and allows us to tell you about our work and current  projects . All views and ideas are our own and the only commercial services mentioned are those we have tried and tested. Treat the contents of this blog as a series of permission slips for the future. January  2018 saw the launch of John’s Six Principles

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John Davitt is a teacher, inventor, broadcaster and digital toolmaker. He has worked in the international education sector for the last twenty-five years and is a specialist at cutting through the mystique to assess the practical potential of new resources. John has worked alongside teachers in schools in UK, Africa, USA and China and he is committed to levelling the playing field regarding access to new learning opportunities.

  • “I have known John Davitt for many years and respect him as someone who has probably influenced and excited more teachers about the potential for ICT as a tool for active learning than anyone else I have met over my 37 years as an education professional. Stephen Heppell wrote this about him recently. “John is one of those rare folk who I could listen to over and over and over again, constantly discovering something fresh about learning in this new Millennium. Somehow John’s mind has merged and absorbed the playfulness of children and the reflection of great practitioners. What he says is grounded in common sense, inspired by vision and just flippin’ reaffirming to hear.”  I’d echo all of that.”  Steve Moss

Davitt is the author of the book “New Tools for Learning” (2008) a practical guide as to how to make the technology fit the learning need, and WordRoot an interactive CD guide to words and their etymology. In 2008 he also invented and developed “The Learning Score”  a visual tool that maps out and shares learning intentions as a graphical event – rather like a music score.

His latest project is the  Learning Event Generator and “the LEG” – an interactive learning tool for mobile devices where you literally shake up a learning challenge.

John’s most recent work with education centred around “Designs for active and affordable learning” (D4AL). As well as work with individual governments and consortia John took D4AL on the road as an Active Learning Roadshow.

In his keynotes & training sessions John champions a pragmatic and realistic view of the new technology revolution. His approach is one that fuses intermediate and advanced technology approaches/where we keep the best of past practice and augment it with the benefits that new tools have to offer.

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