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Here are the main workshop titles that we are running at the moment – these can be combined with either the Permission Slips for the Future or the Old Learning New Tools keynotes

Digital Technologies – Occupy the hand and free the mind – 1.7
simple strategies to make learners active with New Tools

This workshop will provide a hands-on chance to  break free of the chair and explore some new learning using a variety of resources and activities . The workshop will also feature the use of John’s “Learning Event Generator” and delegates will be given access to their own copy to continue work back at base. This session will allow staff to enjoy their own learning curves and suggest we might manage innovation and still have a social life!

Active Learning in a World of Difference 1.6
“We have to get it right or history will judge us harshly.”
In this session John will explore the potential of “hitting the media shift key” as an approach to powerful learning opportunities. He will also note the dangers  that await if we fail to mediate, manage and extend student use of new tools.

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