Living powerfully in both worlds

One of my key themes at present (especially on the Designs for Active Learning tour) is the need to work at the point where “two worlds meet” My favourite example of this is the notebooks that have lived in my back pocket for 30 or 40 years. At first the cheapest wire bound versions – most recently (when funds allow)  slim and flexible A6 (ish) Moleskine cahiers
creased and loved

These notebooks act like a memory prosthetic and make me step “out of the moment” and note down a key idea or an intended action. A few years back going through an airport I noticed how quickly they could scan passports and searched Google for Passport Scanner. Up came the Fujitsu Fi 60 F. Ibought one and within a few hours of the scanner’s arrival I had scanned in a few year’s of my life. For the last two years these notes have lived on the shelf in old notebooks and also on my computer and phones as JPEG images or PDFs. Most recently I got a loan of an iPad and downloaded 10 notebooks as PDFs – they appear “on the shelves” in the bookstore with their battered brown covers.
all the notebooks up and ready to read

What a revelation to be able to read the notes at high res in larger than life mode – and scroll and zoom with fingers. On a recent flight to Australia I reviewed ten year’s of notebooks browsing back and forward by finger on my iPad
living in both worlds

I am now experimenting with the  PDF Highlighter App so that I can add notes and draw over the PDF of the notes on the iPad – I’m beginning to think that all students should get little notebooks that can live in back pockets along with guidance on the skills of notebooking like collage and colouring in 🙂 on all courses now I invite delegates to make a doodle and if they want we make a PDF Book of group wisdom at the end of the day.  More to follow soon on the Notebooking front we will be running a Notebooking session as part of #lob11 in Mulranny Mayo Ireland at the beginning of June 2011.
John Davitt Nov 2010

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  1. Catherine says:

    What a great idea, John! I never go anywhere without my notebooks; I still love creating, jotting, and designing in analogue. Thanks for a great suggestion for linking to my iPad.

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