Finding the Balance Spring 2018

” Finding the balance” new for 2017 –  10 key ways rejig  your learning

Suitable  for Schools / Education Authorities / cohorts / companies

An opportunity  to work with John Davitt  on rebalancing  – a series of  workshops, masterclasses and outdoor learning adventures.  Plan for a future of active learning in a connected world – contact John if you’d like to consider hosting a workshop in your region.
Remember you are finding your balance as soon  you escape the gravitational pull of the “always do” the ennui of the everyday.  In addition we wanted to find space for the conviction that  the ultimate resource of another, the outdoor world and new technologies of connection all have a significant part to play in building the most delightful learning opportunities.

I wanted a model for thinking about learning that lets “creativity in the door and innovation through the window”

Also why not consider a  standup for learning event in the evening for parents / school supporters and  the wider community on hte night before your event

Permission Slips for the future

“thanks for the ideas”

Sessions Include
10 ways to energize your curriculum / company  and refresh teaching and learning & information flow
300 new learning trajectories from John Davitt
Practical useful and achievable models of managing and thriving in the information age
How to hit  the TM shift key and turn takers into makers
1 hour guide to best of  the web resources – all the bits you might have missed

Free Resources
Walkthroughs (screen recordings / bookmarks and annotated suggestions)
key issues/phroases  to watch eg blended learning
Copy of John’s New Tools for Learning
Learning Event Generator for all departments – break out of that inertia box

If you get the chance to hear John Davitt — take it
this visionary highlighted……..

“John Davitt is the best keynote I have ever heard”
Hague, Netherlands  International Schools Conference

tapping into the potential of each other – illegal professional development

activity design from afterthought to art form

stop measuring start challenging – yourselves and the learners  you work with

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