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we invite you to discover freelearning
five simple steps to powerful learning from John Davitt

freelearning keynotes & workshop
Now with six Key Principles of Practice

wait till you see this sideways :)

Put simply the shackled column is the default setting –  what we do on a daily basis –
Freelearning provides a method for considering how we can adjust & extend opportunities
across the five strands and in just changing a little – start to change all

“The freelearning model gives you five points of access where you can adjust the  range, power and the trajectory of the learning experience.
It’s a model for thinking about learning that lets creativity in the door and innovation through the window”

John’s freelearning method  combines  powerful learning, new technologies & common sense.

Falling in learn again
Never wanted to
What am I to do
I can’t help it

“John prevents you wasting money on resources that will not help learning
and helps you focus on the tools & activities that make a difference”
Doha, January 2015

“John got us learning by doing so the “mists of uncertainty” quickly cleared”         Amsterdam Nov  2014

“John Davitt shows you how to move activity from afterthought to artform
and all thet tools and ideas are free”
Moscow March 2015

The sessions show staff
• how to adjust the cycle of  shackled learning
• how to preserve “the will to learn” for more learners
• how to share as a freelearning organisation
• how breakthrough education projects fit into the model

freelearning events include
• how to unlock & foster creativity
• how to build powerful group learning
• how to build outdoor learning adventures
• access 50,000 learning challenges
• getting up, out  and actively involved
• set of John’s Learning Event Generators & Learning Scores for all staff
•  guidance on how to integrate 30 free tools & web 2.0 resources

what we cover…
Creativity & Struggleware TM
Learning Event Generation
3000 Learning activities in Numeracy, Literacy, Science
Literacy  through telling stories & making things
Register your interest / BOOK event
WORKSHOPS limited to 35 delegates (5 tables of 7)
Keynotes audiences up to 150 – Let Eliza know your particular needs
She can arrange a Skype call with John to refine a particular programme

upcoming freelearning tours from John
June 2016 UK  & Europe
July 2016 USA
October 2016 Far East & Australia.

to make a booking or enquiry

freelearning  tools (provided free to all delegates)
Davitt’s Learning Event generator
300 ways to show what you know
an example of  freelearning
currently in use in 1000s of
organisations worldwide
see it at

the Learning Score
John’s latest software invention “the Learning Score” turns lesson planning into a creative graphical event  and allows teachers and learners to make a lesson in the same creative way they might edit a movie. Someone has called it “GarageBand” for learning. Find out more and download your  version in advance of John’s visit at

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