“The Learning Dance” my talk at #WISE2010

How we made the WISE School of the Moment I  went to Google Docs – signed up for a free account then made three columns name, idea and  place in room:contact. I then selected Form from the menu and followed the simple steps to make a form. I then pasted the address of the form into www.bit.ly.com and shortened and customised the link to


You accessed that link, made a contribution and we built a “school”

Here are the contributions Our WISE School of the Moment

Link to learning event generator (with assessment) is here

I mentioned the backchannel behind the Generator has reached 300 ways to show what you know today www.bit.ly/300ways Like the Learning Event Generator this is an open source licence share and share alike – if you use it try to add some more ideas to the wiki.

The Presentation was 8 minutes and concerned the following key points

•acknowledge difference..build on it – give permission
•Know that where the internet falters the pocket might prevail
•Keep turning tools to purposes the makers never expected
(mobile  micropayment / health advice/pest control on crops in Punjab)
•Take time to find your own digital longitude / from fragile to agile
We looked at the RAG and finished with a quick dart around the Internet of Things Looking particularly at QR codes and how these will allow access through visual literacy and the labelling of resources.
Links for QR codes
Make your own codes here
List of Readers for Different Mobile phones
I ran out of time to show how the RFID tag on my umbrella opens up the BBC weather forecast  the kit I was using was $30 from Touchatag
In Conclusion I noted

Minimally Invasive Education, the work and the research findings of Sugatra Mitra  and the history of the Hole in the wall is here.


Put simply he found teachers didn’t want to go to areas where they were needed – true in UK as in the world generally so he sent a computer instead and found that children self-organised their learning. Now he is adding mentoring in the shape of a Granny looking over the shoulder literally and at an intercontinental distances via Skype. The next question of course of how do we build and assist the fragile developments and turn them into agile learning communities

Final Thoughts from “The Learning Dance”

“We need to invest in the sharp-end working with local groups that work perhaps with self-organising learners helping them with the choreography  of how they might organise their learning in a world that offers them increasing torrents of  content / OER but little help on approach paths to or advice on how to  journey through”

“Out there learners are dancing best hurry up if we don’t want to be late to the party”

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  1. Eliza says:

    Hi John, Great reading through your description of what you have done and some really useful links for people to visit. Great detail on what you covered too. Eliza

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