small and subtle feedback

After a number of requests I thought I’d better write up the Minificates and provide a template idea for others to adapt. The idea is simple – you make some very small (and subtle)  certificates – a little bigger than a thumbnail for all the achievements and behaviours that you want to reward – then as the targets are met you leave a minificate on the desk – a voucher page can be made (with outlines) for students to stick them in (a la Green Shield Stamps)  and reclaim against rewards or they can go straight into their notebooks along with an annotation as to why it was awarded. Minificates also have a roll in formative assessment and could combine with the four word feedback idea written up last month. How do your minificates look? Why not get students designing their own minificates ? Less paper used for more feedback and celebration. Send me a sample of your ideas and I’ll set up an exchange forum on Google Docs.

click here to download Minificates as a PDF

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