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five simple steps to unleashing creativity in daily practic

Far East & Australia. January / February  2014

“others talk a good creativity – Davitt delivers”

freelearning  keynotes & workshop

an ideal way to put learning first and foster creativity for the new academic year – talk to us if you’s like to book John for an event or host a workshop

wait till you see it sideways :)
I just look at my hand and recite the five steps I take when I’m teaching, when I’m under pressure or don’t want to take any risks. Put simply the shackled column is my default setting –  what I do on a daily basis – it’s my default and it might be yours too.

Freelearning provides a method for considering how we can adjust & extend opportunities across the five strands and in just changing a little – start to change all.

You’ve heard about freerunning; this is its close relation freelearning –  a five strand model for improving the range and scope of learning opportunities for individual, groups and organisations. For professional development I wanted to get a bit of free fresh air on the subject refocus on the latent power of the will to learn without making anyone feel bad about current practice.

Most sound developments are  served by leaving space and giving permission and the freelearning method aims to do this. Remember you are freelearning as soon as you escape the gravitational pull of the “always do” the ennui of the everyday. In addition I wanted to find space for the conviction that  the ultimate resource of another, the outdoor world and new technologies of connection all have a significant part to play in building the most delightful learning opportunities. I also wanted to find a method that would let me include a number of the free tools that I have developed and distributed to lots of teachers and organisations over the last few years. With that in mind I came up with the concept of freelearning to work on five separate strands – five points of access where you can adjust the  range, power and the trajectory of the learning experience. I wanted a model for thinking about learning that lets “creativity in the door and innovation through the window”

Freelearning events will show staff –

• how to adjust the cycle of  shackled learning
• how to preserve “the will to learn” for more learners
• how to share as a freelearning organisation
• how breakthrough education projects fit into the model

freelearning events include
• how to unlock & foster creativity
• how to build powerful group learning
• how to build outdoor learning adventures
• access to  50,000 learning challenges
• getting up, out  and actively involved
• set of John’s Learning Event Generators & Learning Scores for all staff
•  guidance on how to integrate 30 free tools & web 2.0 resources

what we cover…
Creativity & Struggleware TM
Learning Event Generation
3000 Learning activities in Numeracy, Literacy, Science
Literacy  through telling stories & making things
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WORKSHOPS limited to 35 delegates (5 tables of 7)
Keynotes audiences up to 150 – Let us know your particular needs via the booking page here
We can arrange a Skype call with John to refine a particular programme or event that you want to plan

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John’s session was excellent – the Heads seemed to thoroughly enjoy it!

Great ideas and practical suggestions.  Lots of T&L discussion and practice to take back to schools.

Thoroughly enjoyable, thought provoking and someone who has given me so many ideas to use.

Inspiring, Practical, Active, Philosophical and Promotes Practical solutions.

20-27th June USA (east coast) New York Pittsburg U.S.

You have done an incredible job for our K-5 team.  The energy was bouncing everywhere.  I love your hands on approach to learning.  That is exactly what our students need, and we couldn’t have picked a better person to get us started on the right track. True professionals like you are hard to find.  Thanks again for your guidance.

July 2012 – South Africa

I especially enjoyed John Davitt’s #schoolnetsa11 session where we got a chance to experience hands-on


John Davitt. He’s the greatest kind of crazy  +  a true example of mixing old+new technology.


Discovered excellent new tools for learning. Struggleware!


First time hearing John Davitt – wonderful innovations and terrific ideas


I am so glad I got to see John Davitt in action


John. Thank you so much for your energetic presentation.


Loved your presentation. just brilliant.
Learning Score is proving to be an invaluable delivery and CPD tool for teachers, trainers and assessors.

John Davitt, you are a role model of how to do things in class

Yeaterday was a great learning day – Thanks especially to John Davitt for an an awesome talk

July 2012 Boston

August 2013 Bonn Germany

freelearning  tools (provided free to all delegates)
Davitt’s Learning Event generator
300 ways to show what you know
an example of  freelearning
currently in use in 1000s of
organisations worldwide
see it at

the Learning Score
John’s latest software invention “the Learning Score” turns lesson planning into a creative graphical event
and allows teachers and learners to make a lesson in the same creative way they might edit a movie. Someone has called it “GarageBand” for learning.
Find out more and download your  version in advance of John’s visit