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Davitt Booking & LEG Development  Page

If you have landed here looking to book John Davitt for a keynote, workshop or a want to licence & make your own version of the LEG for your school, University, or state  you have come to the right place. Draft an email to  John using the link below with details of your needs & dates. We can also arrange a Skype call with John if you want to talk through the possible options for your development or event.

John’s the 2015 Standup for Learning #freelearning tour will be visiting

Feb – March 2016UK & Europe
May-June  2016 USA

If you want us  to organise an outdoor learning event  you have also come to the right place.  Email  draft enquiry for John Davitt availablity for workshops, keynotes Freelearning & Lob type events draft a provisional booking enquiry

“Fabulous..You made all of the delegates think about teaching and learning, and how they can improve their skills.”

John Davitt  a writer, broadcaster and a digital toolmaker. He has worked in the education sector for the last twenty-eight years as an English teacher and senior manager. Tweets on range of subject especially concerned with creativity in learning and helping teachers escape the gravitational pull of the pointless. Contact details Mob 00353 894575692