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Learning Event Generator Workshops with John Davitt
The idea behind the Learning Event Generator (LEG)  Workshops is to give delegates a large toolkit for enhancing their own practice then to  introduce compulsion, creativity and collaboration in equal measures. The tools and approaches provided can be used across all phases  in the learning process – in formal and informal settings. The aim is to nudge you deeper in your understanding by having to explain something in a new way – brain numbing challenges for groups – because we have this theory that in the setting of activities we expect much too much from individuals and way too little from groups.

The design of learning activities is often an afterthought and we need to turn it into art form – in the classroom – or the boardroom.

The first iteration of the Learning Event Generator is curated here along with long hyperlinked wordlists for the component challenges. Here is a simple  online version of the LEG so that you get the idea.

See John  in action with Sir Ken Robinson @ RM Conference Bristol September 2010 / at Handheld 09 (featuring school of 100 hours & World of Difference) follow John on the road on Twitter

Consultancy,  Workshops & Masterclasses unique perspectives on learning & managing in a world of difference
Conference Curation
help to make your conference a little bit more spellbinding, memorable & productive
Outdoor learning adventures
Scripted activities learning by doing in the great outdoors(ola) like #lob (Learning on the beach)
Standup for Learning
exploration of how we learn with humour – what helps & hinders – learning by doing + laughter + FaceTime calls to your events (at least 10 minutes notice required)

we also make tools (some open-source) to support active learning & doing and making in the education and commercial sectors. Here are a few examples


The LEG shake up a learning challenge on the iPhone/iPod touch

John explain’s (under pressure) where the idea for the LEG came from (ps it’s an IPhone app that lets you shake up 120,000 unique hyperlinked learning challenges)

The LEG was versioned as an app in January 2000 and a web site to store back channel responses was made to show examples of what people managed to do when they challenge was high and so was the support of the group.

My favourite example is the result of he Norfolk ICT team meeting the challenge of “Tell the story of glaciation as a 10 second movie shot on a mobile phone” as luck would have it there were some tableclothes on some tables nearby.

Learning Score

In spring 2010 in conjunction with Tribal we lauched the Learning Score – a tool that allows you to plan a lesson or informal learning event in a graphical visual timeline. I try to explain it here with some pens and a white wall 🙂

The Learning Score is available as a one month trial or a full version from here

Feedback – Jo’burg South Africa SchoolsNet Conference July 2011

Learning Score is proving to be an invaluable delivery and CPD tool for teachers, trainers and assessors.