Conference Curation

Speaking at hundreds of conferences got me thinking (I suppose it should) about how often the original ideas behind the event get subverted and opportunities to share most effectively get lost. Sometimes this is a good thing – at other times it’s a loss for all.

Recent experience using challenge lists from the learning event generator and elsewhere I have seen the vivid difference that we can make to the conference experience if we are prepared to take control of the tools, think a little more broadly about what constitutes a presentation and give delegate a chance to be different and tap into the event in a way that suits them…In turn this led me to think that there is a job to do in conference curation≈ Hand holding as we move the humble old conference forward.  thoughts – suggestions and collaborations welcome.

Conference Curation – a new consultancy  service

Conferences are costly – don’t let yours get highjacked or fail to meet its objectives because you haven’t prepared for the full range of learning opportunities and established the ground rules for digital communication channels before during and after the event.

Our aim is to help you make the most of a range of tools and approaches in the design and delivery of conferences in all sectors. We provide ideas, strategic advice & briefings on the structure and organisation of your creative conference components. We won’t help with booking or catering we are concerned with what happens at the business end to ensure your message gets across.

We can help you get  the most from keynotes, plenary and workshops and ensure that the conference works as a coherent event and is available as a resource beyond the day should you wish. We can also provide optional pre-conference rehearsals and guidance workshops for presenters to explore multi-sensory approaches beyond PowerPoint >show >talk. The conferences people remember are those that show some originality and make best use of new tools – where the  visual plenary is a tour de force and fresh perspectives are the order of the day.

Our key speciality is advice on managing of the back-channel (Twitter & Facebook etc) during and after the event – so that you make the most of new tools without getting overrun. We can also provide  assistance on setting and management of conference tags – live blogging of key sessions- establishing a presence on most appropriate social  media – guiding the flow of communication by delegates- setting appropriate ground rules to ensure conference objectives are shared and valued.
Conference Curation≈ is a scalable service from short phone based advice to full-support, handholding and management throughout the event.

Download the conference curation flyer